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Chick’s Operator, an Alleged Mobster, Charged With Extortion

The feds arrested him Thursday

Phil Narducci at Chick’s, at 1807 Washington Avenue, a few days before the restaurant opened in April 2017.

Alleged mobster Philip Narducci, who opened Chick’s on Washington Avenue in 2017 and years ago used to run Philip’s Steaks on West Passyunk Avenue, has been arrested by federal authorities and indicted in an extortion and conspiracy case. reports Narducci and co-defendant James Gallo are accused of loaning money to someone (who isn’t named in the indictment) and charging a crazy amount of interest, and then threatening and physically assaulting the person who received the loan. Prosecutors also accuse Narducci of being in Philly’s La Cosa Nostra. In other words, they’re saying he’s in the mafia.

Chick’s is named after Narducci’s father, the reputed mobster Frank “Chickie” Narducci gunned down in a 1982 hit. Narducci himself was convicted on racketeering charges in the late ’80s and spent more than 20 years in prison. He was released in 2012 and five years later opened Chick’s with his wife, Gina, who is technically the restaurant’s owner.