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Next for Hop Sing Laundromat’s Owner: A Banh Mi Shop

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The cocktail master behind one of the best bars in Philly is turning to sandwiches

Lê is perfecting his grilled pork banh mi

Lê — the elusive owner of Chinatown cocktail bar Hop Sing Laundromat, who jokingly styles himself on social media as an outspoken North Korean ex-pat and has a list of banned patrons 3,000 names long — has been quietly talking up his banh mi expertise and hinting at the possibility of opening “The world’s greatest North Korean sandwich shop” in Philly. And now the word is officially out. Lê definitely has a banh mi shop in the works, Philly Mag confirms, at an undisclosed location, with an undisclosed name. Lê loves a secret.

Lê told Eater he wouldn’t open an eatery unless he had the very best banh mi in the city, because “Dear Leader expects us to be the best,” so he’s clearly feeling confident about the product. Philly Mag writes the menu will be very short, at least to start, with ham and pâté, pork, and chicken. Vegetarian options will be added later.

The six-year-old Hop Sing Laundromat, tucked behind an unmarked gate at 1029 Race Street, is firmly on the list of Philly’s best cocktail bars. It’s only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Testing the banh mi

Hop Sing Laundromat

1029 Race Street, , PA 19107