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This Candy-Covered Ice Cream Sundae at the Jersey Shore Will Set You Back $99

Two dozen scoops, Pop Rocks, cotton candy, gummy bears, and gumballs

huge ice cream sundae piled with candy Sugar Factory

In Jersey Shore news, Sugar Factory in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City is selling a $99 publicity stunt in the form of a massive ice cream sundae that no one should under any circumstances attempt to eat by themselves. Available now through Thursday, October 17, the “Candy Kong Sundae” is a version of the Sugar Factory’s already over-the-top “King Kong Sundae” but with way too much candy on it.

Despite the name, the Sugar Factory, which opened last summer when the Hard Rock did (replacing the Trump Taj Mahal), is a sit-down restaurant with a savory food menu (burgers, pizza, etc.) plus a long list of desserts. It’s known for oversized ice cream concoctions and 64-ounce alcoholic drinks poured into goblets and garnished with candy, so this candy-covered sundae isn’t much of a stretch.

The just-shy-of-$100 price tag gets you 24 scoops of ice cream, chocolate ganache in different colors, whipped cream, Nerds, Spree, peach gummies, mini-Jawbreakers, watermelon drops, gummy bears, M&M’s, and Pop Rocks. Sticking out of the top: a big rainbow lollipop, a gumball machine, a candy necklace, cotton candy sticks, and...a rubber ducky. Bon appetit!