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Nominate Philly’s Best Restaurants of 2019 for This Year’s Eater Awards

For the 2019 Eater Awards, help us nominate the best restaurants and more

It’s Eater Awards season, the time of the year when we honor those who shaped the way we thought about, talked about, and ultimately experienced eating out in 2019. This year — for the very first time ever — we’re opening up a public call for nominations. We want to hear which Philadelphia restaurants made an impact on you, our readers, the most. Please note: All nominees must have either opened or come into their own in a new way since November 2018, when we announced last year’s nominees. (That means even though these are the 2019 Eater Awards, if your favorite place opened at the end of 2018, it’s eligible.)

We want to hear from you about the restaurants — the most beautiful, the most influential, the most innovative, and truly the most delicious — that made 2019 a great year of eating. To nominate who you think deserves an award, let us know via this form (click the link or scroll down here) by November 10, sharing your nominee(s) for each category and your reasoning. Eater editors will whittle down the nominees to three finalists, to be announced on November 18, in each of three categories. Then sit back, pop some popcorn, and wait for the winners to be announced in December.