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Odd Bits and Misfits Dinner Spotlights the Food Waste Epidemic With an ‘Upcycled’ Meal

High Street on Market, Vedge, and Sate Kampar are collaborating on a pay-what-you-want dinner

restaurant front with open windows and sign that says high street
High Street on Market in Old City is hosting a dinner focused on sustainability
Chaucee Stillman

At Old City’s 21-year-old Fork, restaurateur Ellen Yin was embracing the sustainability ethos — sourcing locally and reducing food waste — before it was a major trend. That philosophy carries over to sister spot High Street on Market next door, where diners can get a peek into how restaurants (and home cooks) can cut down on food waste during the Odd Bits and Misfits dinner on February 11.

Angelina Branca of Sate Kampar and Rich Landau of Vedge will head to High Street to collaborate with chef Andrew Farley and the restaurant’s resident sustainability expert, Ana Caballero, on the meal. The idea is to make use of perfectly good food that is often throw out, like the ends of vegetables, which can be fermented. Food and related products, like napkins, for Odd Bits and Misfits are “recycled, upcycled, underappreciated and environmentally friendly,” the restaurant says.

Expect hors d’oeuvres, house-cured charcuterie and fermented veggies, a main course served family-style, and dessert. And, it’s all pay what you want.

Local purveyors who share a similar waste-not philosophy will be highlighted at the dinner, including Philabundance’s Abundantly Good product line, ReGrained, Riverwards Produce, and Mycopolitan Mushrooms.

If you’re into it, reserve a seat by calling the restaurant, 215-625-0988. It starts with cocktails at 7 p.m.; dinner is at 7:30 p.m.

High Street on Market

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