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Restaurant Full of Super Nostalgia Planned for PHL

Bud & Marilyn’s lands at the airport

Bud & Marilyn’s

Midtown Village eatery Bud & Marilyn’s will expand to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). Co-owner Marcie Turney announced on Instagram that the team behind the original Bud & Marilyn’s will open a second location at the airport, before the end of this year. Fans are excited with comments ranging to “Best. News. Ever.” to “Omg this is literally amazing!!!!!!!! .”

Philadelphia Magazine reported that the new location will have a full restaurant with a big bar and to-go items for travelers short on time.

Restaurateurs Turney and Valerie Safran opened the original Bud & Marilyn’s in 2015. Turney took inspiration from childhood memories of nights spent “downing a few Shirley Temples” at her grandparents’ restaurant in Ripon, WI. (Bud & Marilyn’s takes its name from her grandparents, and their caricatures are displayed at the bar.)

Look for updates on the newest PHL addition soon.

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