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Wine Dive, a ‘Funky’ Bottle Shop and Bar, Is on Its Way to South Street

The new venue is from the owners of Hawthornes and The Cambridge

Heather Annechiarico and Chris Fetfatzes in front of the future site of Wine Dive
Kory Aversa

Heather Annechiarico and Chris Fetfatzes really like South Street. The couple already has gastropub The Cambridge at 1508 South Street and Mexican eatery Tio Flores just up the street at 1600 South. And soon they’ll be running a third venue on the same strip, when Wine Dive opens next to Cambridge this spring.

“We love the energy of the street — the neighborhood has both a city and a neighborhood feel,” Fetfatzes said via email. “We wanted to be part of the building up of this area of Philly.”

There’s already a quintessential dive bar on the block, in the form of Bob & Barbara’s across the street. But it’s probably safe to assume that although Wine Dive has “dive” in the name, it will be at least a little swankier — after all, the focus is on wine, not Citywides. There’s also Jet Wine Bar on the same side as Bob & Barbara’s, though Wine Dive sounds a bit different from that one as well.

For starters, it’s both a bottle shop and a bar. The store part will sell wine, bubbly, cider, and beer. For the bar, expect wine (of course), cocktails, and beer, plus burgers, fries, “chicken sandos,” “big salads,” and some vegan options.

Annechairico and Fetfatzes are hoping to have everything ready to go April 15, at 1506 South Street in what was a casual creperie.

They chose “Wine Dive” because it “undresses the immediate image of wine. It’s meant to evoke a feeling of comfort, approachability, and low pretense,” Fetfatzes wrote. “We’re going to be a funky wine shop — an interactive spot blending retail and hospitality. You’ll be able to walk in and buy a great bottle of wine, Champagne, cider, or beer, while grabbing a drink.”

The space will seat somewhere between 50 and 75 at a bar and tables, and include a jukebox. Look for outdoor seating too, when the weather permits.

Annechairico and Fetfatzes also own Hawthornes, the restaurant and beer shop on 11th and Fitzwater known for its brunches.