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Close Out the Week With This Video of Gritty Throwing a Cheesesteak at a Human

Everyone’s favorite googly-eyed mascot is getting testy

2019 NHL All-Star - Red Carpet Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Flyers’ Gritty, everyone’s favorite terrifying mascot, is adamant the world be aware that Sunday, March 24, is National Cheesesteak Day. While Eater doesn’t usually recognize food “holidays,” this video of Gritty trying to bean someone with a cheesesteak is a very pleasing way to wrap up the work week.

Tourism board Visit Philly put out the video on Friday, posting it on social media and sending it around with some key cheesesteak-eating tips, including an explanation of the “Philly lean” (bending forward so grease and cheese don’t dribble onto clothes).

The premise of the 50-second video is that Gritty wants everyone to eat a cheesesteak, so he sets up a table in front of the Wells Fargo Center to hand them out, and also show off his cheesesteak juggling skills. When one guy walking by says, “no thanks,” Gritty angrily tosses a cheesesteak at his back.

Is the best part the Secret Service-looking dude who hands Gritty the cheesesteak with the clear intent of aiding him in hitting someone with it? Quite possibly.

You may not have known that this Sunday is National Cheesesteak Day, and we're cool with that. Our friend Gritty, however, won't be so forgiving... Mark your calendars—or else. Philadelphia Flyers

Posted by Philadelphia -- on Friday, March 22, 2019