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Here Is What’s on the Menu at the New Version of Pizzeria Beddia

The new restaurant from Joe Beddia and the Suraya team is open in Fishtown

crispy pizza with olive oil being poured on it
Joe Beddia is the author of cookbook Pizza Camp
Randy Harris, from Pizza Camp by Joe Beddia, published by Abrams Books 2017

A year after closing his wildly popular takeout pizza shop on Girard Avenue in Fishtown, Joe Beddia is back with an expanded version of Pizzeria Beddia, which opened late last week a few blocks from the original at 1313 N. Lee Street. Everything about this place is different from the first one, including the menu — most notably, there’s a wine list.

The restaurant is a collaboration with Greg Root, Nick Kennedy, and Al Lucas of another Philly hot spot, Suraya.

Beddia’s first pizza venture was a tiny two-man operation selling whole pies a few days a week at a max of 40 a day, with no seats, no phone, and no credit cards accepted. Customers would show up in hopes there were pies still available, place their order, find something to do for a while, then come back and get their pizza. That didn’t stop Philadelphians from making it a mission to snag one, especially after a national magazine called it the best pizza in America.

The hype has been transferred over to the much bigger, full-service Pizzeria Beddia 2.0, which does take reservations — though the calendar filled up almost immediately for the next several weeks. Fortunately tables are also set aside for walk-ins nightly.

The restaurant, tucked onto a narrow street with a neon hand making a peace sign above the entrance, seats 80.

To eat, there’s a list of “plates” (as opposed to the pizzas), with a few salads and other appetizer/side selections like chorizo ($9) and Judion beans ($8). The salads include kale and shaved vegetables with crème fraîche and mint.

On to the important part: The pizzas come as 16-inch pies ($22-$25) with four versions on offer. The classic pie has tomatoes, whole milk mozzarella, and Old Gold cheese, with a choice of toppings, like pepperoni, crimini mushrooms, or Sicilian anchovies.

There’s also a pie with swiss chard, cream, and garlic; one with tomato, anchovy, garlic, oregano, and Old Gold; and a spicy pizza arrabiata.

The drinks list emphasizes natural wines, with glasses starting at $11 and bottles from $52. Beer and cocktail drinkers will find a couple of options as well — if they can get a table.

Pizzeria Beddia

1313 North Lee Street, , PA 19125 (267) 928-2256 Visit Website