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A Snug Indonesian Restaurant Is in the Works Next to the Italian Market

The sign is up for Jembatan 5 on S. 10th Street

Jembatan 5 is opening in Bella Vista

Philly’s small but mighty Indonesian food scene is getting another entry with Jembatan 5. The restaurant, on 10th Street between Montrose and Carpenter, just north of Washington Avenue, replaces a snug Italian BYOB. Jembatan means “bridge” (as seen on the restaurant’s logo).

The address — 932 S. 10th Street — is best known as the longtime home of Shank’s & Evelyn’s, a luncheonette that opened way back in 1962 and closed about 10 years ago. It later reopened, kind of, on the Delaware River. The location became Carluccio’s and then more recently Predella, but that’s also been closed for a bit.

It’s a cozy space, with room for about 25 diners.

Philly earned national recognition for Indonesian fare last year when Hardena (1754 S. Hicks Street) was nominated for a James Beard Award. Hardena, which has an outpost at Cherry Street Pier, is also on Eater Philly’s list of 38 essential restaurants in the city. A handful of other restaurants, mainly in South Philly, represent a variety of Indonesian cuisines — there’s even a takeout spot dedicated to martabak.

The future home of Jembatan 5