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Pizza Gutt to Open in Permanent Location in Kensington This May

With the move comes a fresh new name: “Circles + Squares”

The future home of Dan Gutter’s Circles and Squares
Google Maps

The Insta-famous square thick crust pizzas of “Pizza Gutt” will be coming to Kensington permanently next month.

Owner of the franchise, Dan Gutter, who previously sold his pizzas from the kitchen of Spring Garden Street’s W/N W/N Coffee Bar, has moved into his own space at 2513 Tulip Street, the location once home to the now-closed Lil’ Lina’s Slices & Scoops.

He’s renaming the pizzeria “Circles + Squares,” but told he predicts “people are going to call it ‘Pizza Gutt’ no matter what.”

Prior to August, 2017, when he began serving pizza out of W/N W/N, Gutter sold his pies at pop-ups, which he advertised on his viral Instagram account @pizza_gutt. The account currently boasts over 18,000 followers.

With the movement to a new location, which Gutter hopes to open by May 1, he’s also planning to venture beyond his signature square shape and into the world of circular pies.

The new shop seats 10 to 15 people, plus a few extra outdoor spots Gutter hopes to make available during the summer. He plans to serve 125 pies per day at Circles + Squares, and plans to take orders primarily by phone.

W/N W/N Coffee Bar

931 Spring Garden Street, , PA 19123 Visit Website