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Here’s Everything You Can Expect at Philly Beer Week’s Kick-Off Next Friday

Opening Tap will feature 65 breweries under one roof

Philly Loves Beer / Official

The 12th edition of Philly Beer Week is kicking off next Friday, May 31.

The festival, hosted by Philly Loves Beer, will dominate the city’s drinking scene until Sunday, June 9. This year, the event flaunts over 2,000 beer-soaked activities taking place across the city at participating bars, breweries, bottle shops, restaurants, and other venues. And it’s all starting with a bang at the festival’s signature kick-off party, Opening Tap, taking place this year at the 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia, the event’s largest venue to date.

The opening party, which organizers define as “a raucous party with endless samples,” will feature 65 breweries, all under one (massive) roof, serving both limited edition (read: only available during the festival) and regular favorite pours. The party will also debut the annual European Collaboration Beer — this year, a hoppy blonde brewed in Belgium, called the ‘Duvedelphia.’

And of course, the ritual keg-tapping with the Hammer Of Glory to honor the start of Philly Beer Week will take place at Opening Tap. General admission tickets for the party are $66.

Philly Loves Beer / Official

Highlights from the remainder of the festival’s schedule include a sidewalk carnival, an ‘ancient’ alcohol tasting, “Tattoosday Happy Hour” (a pour contest that ends in one loser getting tattooed), and an exhibition of the art displayed on some of Philly’s most popular beer labels.

STATUS: Philly Beer Week starts at Opening Tap on Friday, May 31 from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. For more information on the full programming over the course of the festival, see the schedule at Philly Loves Beer.