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In a Match Made in Philly Heaven, D’Emilio’s Water Ice Teams Up With Mike’s BBQ for a New Shop

Look for water ice, coconut milk gelato, and Italian sandwiches at the upcoming eatery, opening on East Passyunk Avenue

D’Emilio’s [Facebook]

Christopher D’Emilio is known for his roving water ice operation, which pops up at farmers markets, festivals, and restaurants to sell some of the best frozen treats in town. And now no one will have to keep an eye on his Facebook page to find out where to get them, because he’s about to open a permanent location of D’Emilio’s Old World Ice Treats. The new shop is going into what was formerly Philly Flavors at 1928 East Passyunk Avenue.

“As much as the treasure hunt was fun, this should be a nice change of pace for some that just want to know where we are all the time and can depend on us being there,” D’Emilio says.

He’ll be selling his sorbetto — a.k.a. “fancy water ice” — and dairy-free gelato made with coconut milk, both made using recipes his grandmother taught him.

This is good news on its own, but there’s more. D’Emilio is bringing in Mike Strauss, who’s made a big splash with his ribs and brisket cheesesteaks at Mike’s BBQ, to offer an assortment of Italian sandwiches, which he’s creating with some input from other local chefs, D’Emilio says.

More details to come, but look for an opening within the next three weeks.

D’Emilio’s [Facebook]

D'Emilio's Old World Ice Treats

1234 S Philip St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 (215) 514-3930