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Ardmore-Based Poke Space Expands Again

More PokeOno


With locations in Ardmore and Baltimore, raw fish shop PokeOno opened a third shop in Conshohocken. Sitting at 103 Fayette Street, the newest PokeOno hosted an opening party on Thursday, August 15.

Owner Andrew Danieli, a longtime surfer, wanted to bring the dish over from Hawaii in 2016. It doesn’t go as wild with the toppings as other poke places, but there are a few interesting kicks available, from wasabi peas to citrus ponzu dressing.

Poke — the healthy-leaning Hawaiian raw fish bowl — was pinned as the big food trend for 2016. And while Philadelphia wasn’t spared from the marinated ahi tuna craze, by late summer the city only had two stores with a primary focus on the fish dish. Three years later, Philly has enough poke to feed everyone in Center City.

Are you a fan of the raw fish dish? Or are you completely over it in 2019?

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