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Inside Wine Dive, South Street’s New Bar and Bottle Shop Designed as a ’70s Vegas Lounge

Chris Fetfatzes and Heather Annechiarico, who also own Cambridge and Hawthornes, are going for a funky vibe at their newest Philly venue

bar with long maroon booth, low tables, and mirrors and photos on the ceiling
Wine Dive on South Street in Philadelphia
Society Hill Films

The wine scene is evolving in Philly, with bar owners and restaurateurs opening up bottle shops with more interesting selections than we’re used to seeing in Pennsylvania. Add to the small-but-growing list Wine Dive, a bar and bottle shop from Heather Annechiarico and Chris Fetfatzes set right next to the couple’s recently revamped Cambridge on South Street. It opens Friday, January 10.

The name Wine Dive “undresses the immediate image of wine,” says Fetfatzes, who also owns Tio Flores and restaurant/bottle shop Hawthornes with Annechiarico. “It’s meant to evoke a feeling of comfort, approachability, and low pretense. We’re a funky wine shop serving up delicious yet inexpensive burgers, chicken sandwiches, and big salads — we’re looking to turn the image of who drinks wine on its head.”

Twenty wines by the glass, along with sangria, beer, cider, and cocktails, are available at the bar and in the lounge area. The space has an eclectic, retro look Fetfatzes describes as a “comfortable, quirky, chill ’70s Vegas lounge,” with deep-red leather stools and banquettes, a black-and-white checkerboard floor, decor from flea markets and thrift stores, and photos of “local Philadelphians just living everyday lives,” says Fetfatzes, who shot the images. There’s a jukebox, framed mirrors on the ceiling, and mannequins, and a big painting of the owners’ cat, Fred.

The bottle shop is currently stocking 215 options, including wine (with more than 50 natural wines), bubbly, and cider. They’ll also be selling “wowlers,” like growlers: wine bottles filled via the draft system at the bar and corked and sealed for carrying out.

The wine list is put together by Annechiarico, Fetfatzes, and Susan Freeman. Chef Derek Cantwell, also the chef at Cambridge next door, is making sandwiches, salads, and bar snacks.

The address, 1506 South Street, was formerly crepe shop So Crepe.

Starting Friday, Wine Dive is open daily from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. The kitchen is open late too, until 1 a.m. Take a peek at the bar:

A curved bar with red leather stools with backs, black and white tiled floor, and a neon green backsplash with alcohol. Society Hill Films

Here’s the lounge past the bar, with its banquettes, low tables, and ceiling mirrors:

Society Hill Films

Shelves are lined with wine for sale:

Society Hill Films

And there are some helpful explanations:

Society Hill Films

The drink menu includes sangria and a list of palomas:

Here’s that oversized cat by Melissa Gombos. It’s in the bathroom:

painting of cat on a wall with mirrors for eyes Society Hill Films

And here are Chris Fetfatzes and Heather Annechiarico, taking a break from setting up their new bar:

man and woman sitting in booth with photos on the wall behind them Society Hill Films