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Dim Sum House and Its Massive Menu of Chinese Dishes Lands in Rittenhouse

Mother-and-son restaurateurs Jane Guo and Jackson Fu are about to open a second location of their popular University City dim sum destination

white plate with dumplings Dim Sum House

Jane Guo, who’s been running popular Chinese restaurants in the Philly area for more than three decades, adds to the Rittenhouse food options with Dim Sum House, opening this week at 1930 Chestnut Street. The address was previously Jane G’s, a Sichuan spot from Guo and her son, Jackson Fu.

Guo and Fu opened the first Dim Sum House a few years ago in University City, at 3939 Chestnut Street. Both the original and the new location are roomy restaurants with full bars and huge menus.

To start, there’s Cantonese-style dim sum and Shanghai dim sum, served all day. Lots of other dishes from China’s Jiang Nan region make an appearance, alongside a selection of Sichuan specialities. As a sample: You can feast on crab and pork soup dumplings, truffle edamame dumplings, shrimp siu mai, scallion pancakes rolled around beef, honey-vinegar spare ribs, dan dan noodles, chili oil wontons, durian-filled puff pastries, shrimp-stuffed eggplant, egg custard bao, and thousand year egg pork congee — and that’s just from the first few pages of the menu.

chinese style hot and sour soup in white bowl
Hot and sour soup at Dim Sum House
Dim Sum House

Bigger dishes include the likes of Peking duck, five spice pork belly, ginger scallion lobster, sweet and sour whole fish, and mapo tofu. There’s hot and sour soup, Shanghai-style wonton soup, lo mein, fried rice, and chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, fish, tofu, or seitan in a range of preparations, like black bean sauce and dry pepper style. Order in advance and you can get the Norwegian king crab done three ways, currently priced around $450 for eight pounds.

If that doesn’t sound like enough, peruse the lists of vegan options and gluten-free dishes.

interior of large restaurant with chinese decor
The new Dim Sum House at 20th and Chestnut streets in Philadelphia
Society Hill Films

Guo opened Jane G’s, with Fu as general manager, in 2012, serving a pan-Asian menu at first before refocusing to Sichuan dishes. The restaurant closed late last year following a kitchen fire. Its new incarnation as Dim Sum House debuts Thursday, February 20, serving lunch and dinner daily, including all-day dim sum.

Fu also has another restaurant in the works, but he’s not revealing any details on that one just yet. Meanwhile, take a peek at some of the Dim Sum House options, starting with the giant crab.

Norwegian king crab prepared three ways Dim Sum House
basket with six soup dumplings with yellow tips Dim Sum House
scallion pancake stuffed with beef Dim Sum House
plate with sliced pork belly and steamed buns Dim Sum House
bowl with lobster and noodles Dim Sum House

Dim Sum House by Jane G's

3939 Chestnut Street, , PA 19104 (215) 921-5377