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Marc Vetri and Other Philly Chefs Turn to Instagram to Demo What They’re Cooking

From the open kitchen at Fiorella, Marc Vetri demonstrates the simple things

a plate of piled spaghetti with grated cheese Fiorella [official photo]

Philly chefs like Marc Vetri are on the list of cooks turning to Instagram and other digital platforms to show the socially distancing masses how to prepare Italian pastas, Malaysian curries, Hawaiian macaroni salad, and more at home. In Vetri’s latest video, he sets up at Fiorella, his newly opened pasta destination near the Italian Market, for a lesson on the brown butter Fiorella uses with its polenta and Taleggio cheese ravioli.

It’s a very quick lesson that involves...heating the butter. As Vetri writes on Instagram, “this ain’t the fucking Food Network!” But he does explain how to time it correctly to avoid bitter burnt butter.

Scroll down a bit on the chef’s Instagram feed for a how-to on cacio e pepe.

The lessons are happening because (they are fun and) Fiorella is selling sauces, along with pounds of pasta, a few mornings a week — but you have to be lightning-quick to grab anything before it’s all gone.

For more thorough instructions, this time on Malaysian specialities, turn to Ange Branca of East Passyunk Avenue’s Sate Kampar. Her IGTV videos walk viewers through a vegetable curry. Set up in her home kitchen, Kiki Aranita gets creative with leftovers from her Rittenhouse restaurant Poi Dog Philly, demonstrating how to make pork and water chestnut wontons, salmon poke, and Hawaiian-style macaroni salad.