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Michael Schulson Reopens Three of His Philly Restaurants for Takeout

A family-style meal from Italian restaurant Giuseppe & Sons delivered to your doorstep is now an option

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white plate with pasta, red sauce, and basil
Giuesppe & Sons in Center City is open for takeout and delivery.
Schulson Collective

The restaurants in the Schulson Collective are among the buzziest in Philly. On a Friday or Saturday evening before the coronavirus pandemic hit, a stroll along 13th Street past Sampan, Graffiti Bar, Double Knot, and Alpen Rose entailed navigating around diners spilling out onto the sidewalk. In mid-March, like many other owners, Michael Schulson and Nina Tinari closed the doors at all of their Philly restaurants. But now three of them are back in business, offering takeout and delivery five days a week.

Starting Wednesday, April 22, diners can order from Giuseppe & Sons, the bi-level Italian destination with a throwback vibe; Sampan, the lively Asian fusion eatery that was Schulson’s first Philly restaurant; and Double Knot, a coffee shop by day and underground izakaya at night.

They’re all open Wednesday to Sunday from 3 to 8 p.m. with online ordering available via the restaurants’ websites or through delivery service Caviar. (Sampan and Double Knot are offering a joint menu so go to either website to check it out.) Free delivery within a five-mile radius is available by calling. For pickup orders, customers get a specific time to stop by so there shouldn’t ever be several people at once.

Along with a la carte options, Giuseppe & Sons’ takeout menu includes multi-course family-style meals. Each venue also has a $5 dish set aside for restaurant industry workers, who need to show a paystub when picking up the discounted food — a margherita pizza at Giuseppe, and kimchee fried rice or chicken yakisoda on the Sampan/Double Knot menu.

Greg Vernick and crew are also back to feed Philly. Vernick Food & Drink in Rittenhouse is selling a set dinner designed for two along with bottles from Vernick Wine next door, available Tuesdays to Saturdays. A few soups, salads, and condiments, separate from the set meal, are on the menu too.

The a la carte items can be ordered online the same day as pickup, but the meals have to be ordered a day in advance. Curbside pickup is at the restaurant from 3 to 7 p.m.

In South Philly, members-only restaurant Palizzi Social Club has started up takeout too and it’s...for members only. Ordering opens Wednesday at noon and closes Thursday night for Friday or Saturday dinner. The set meal ($55 plus 20 percent tip) includes stromboli, escarole and beans, spaghetti and crabs, rice pudding, and a negroni.

Customers need to show a membership card and a receipt from the order to pick up the food. To prevent lines, everyone who orders get a set time to come by.

Palizzi Social Club

1408 South 12th Street, , PA 19147 Visit Website

Vernick Food & Drink

2031 Walnut Street, , PA 19103 (267) 639-6644 Visit Website

Vernick Wine

2029 Walnut Street, , PA 19103

Double Knot

120 South 13th Street, , PA 19107 (215) 631-3868 Visit Website

Giuseppe & Sons

1523 Sansom Street, , PA 19102 (215) 399-9199 Visit Website


124 South 13th Street, , PA 19107 (215) 732-3501 Visit Website