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Walk-Up Ordering Is Now Allowed in Philly, So Food Trucks Are Back in Business

Entering a restaurant to place an order is also permitted

pink ice cream truck on a street Shutterstock

Philadelphians can now walk into a restaurant or walk up to a food truck to get takeout food, due to a change to the city’s stay-at-home order. The amendment is a first step towards easing coronavirus-related restaurant restrictions in the city.

After being ordered to shut down in late March, Philly’s food trucks can start up operations again, with customers walking up to place orders while following social distancing guidelines.

In addition, customers can now once again enter restaurants to order takeout. For the past several weeks, customers could only walk into a restaurant once an order, placed in advance, was ready to be picked up.

No more than 10 people can be in line at once, and they have to wear masks and stay away from each other. This change only applies to the ordering process: Customers are still not allowed to eat at a restaurant, inside or outside.

Philly is expected to move to the yellow phase of Pennsylvania’s reopening plan on June 5, which allows many more businesses to reopen. However, even in that phase, dining rooms will stay closed, so restaurants will still only be able to offer takeout and delivery. But if some restaurant owners get their wish, outdoor dining could be an option at that point, too.