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Delivery From Pizzeria Beddia Is Now an Option

The Fishtown restaurant is delivering its coveted pies seven days a week

a whole pizza
An image from Joe Beddia’s cookbook, Pizza Camp.
Randy Harris, from Pizza Camp by Joe Beddia, published by Abrams Books 2017

Pizzeria Beddia, which first came onto the Philly food scene as a tiny takeout spot with no phone, is now delivering pies seven days a week from its full-service Fishtown restaurant. The coveted pizzas — and tomato pie, salads, and sides — are available for pre-order, which means you can select a time, between 4 and 9 p.m., a few days in advance.

Joe Beddia originally opened his small corner pizzeria in March 2013. Thanks in part to a Bon Appetit article that called the pizza the best in America, the shop was a huge hit, with customers lining up for its limited number of pies, only available a few nights a week.

After five years, when his lease ended, Beddia closed the pizzeria. A year later, in March 2019, he opened a much bigger sit-down version of the restaurant, complete with alcohol, in partnership with Defined Hospitality — the group behind Suraya and Condesa. Like the original, the new restaurant created a buzz, with reservations difficult to come by.

When COVID-19 forced Philly restaurants to rethink their business models, Pizzeria Beddia reopened, after an initial closure, with takeout. And now delivery within the city is an option too.

Along with the food, beer, wine, and cocktails are on the menu, though in keeping with state rules the alcohol is available for pickup at the restaurant (1313 N. Lee Street), not delivery. Masks are required when picking up an order.

Pizzeria Beddia

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