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An Old City Bar Owner Pulled Out a Gun After Being Called Out for Not Wearing a Mask

A man passing by had stopped to tell diners on Second Street to follow social distancing rules

restaurants with outdoor tables in old city and people walking down the street
With indoor dining currently prohibited during the coronavirus pandemic, many restaurants in Old City and throughout Philly have set up expanded outdoor dining.
Justin Blasi

A local bar owner sitting outside a restaurant on Second Street in Old City on Sunday pulled out a gun when a man passing by stopped to shout about social distancing, according to the Inquirer.

Infusion Lounge owner Jamie Atlig, who according to the Inquirer report shouted “Trump 2020!” during the incident, was sitting outside on Second Street when a Black man on a bike stopped and loudly said, “Social distancing! No one is wearing a mask!”

As people sitting at outdoor tables yelled back, reportedly telling the bicyclist to go away, Atlig stood up and pulled out a gun. Two women moved to stand between Atlig and the passerby, who pulled out his bike lock. One of the women, Liz Krieger, stressed to the Inquirer that the bike lock appeared after Atlig drew his gun.

The whole thing was over in seconds, with Atlig putting away the gun and the man riding away on his bike.

Police are investigating the incident, which was shared on Twitter by City Council member Isaiah Thomas. Krieger, the witness, is friends with someone who interns for Thomas and had told him what happened.

Old City District had been planning to temporarily close off a street in the neighborhood to cars to make room for outdoor dining, similar to what the East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District is doing this weekend. However, according to the newspaper, the organization is now reconsidering the idea.