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Federal Donuts to Relocate Its Center City Location

When one Federal Donuts closes, another one opens

Bye for now!
Michael Persico

Nine years after opening its location at 1632 Sansom Street, Federal Donuts will close the shop to make way for demolition of the 1600 block of the street in Center City. The Sansom Street spot was the second location of the fried chicken and doughnut chain, opening just a year after the original, located in Pennsport. The final service at 1632 Sansom will take place on Wednesday, February 24.

Grapefruit brulee doughnut fans need not despair, however: The closure of one Sansom location will be followed by the opening of another in a temporary location to be announced in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the team behind Federal Donuts is currently scouting a more permanent location for the doughnut chain to join its five other brick-and-mortar. This one will be located near Rittenhouse on — yet again — Sansom Street.

For the final week in the 1632 Sansom Street location, Federal Donuts will bring back a retired favorite: a Shabazi fried chicken dry-rubbed with a spice blend of green chiles, parsley, coriander, and sumac. The last week there starts today, so get your kicks — and side of za’atar fries — while you still can.

Federal Donuts

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