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Middle Child Will Open a Second Restaurant That’s Almost as Big as Its Sandwiches

With a full bar and a dinner menu, our beloved Middle Child is all grown up

a green table with middle child turkey sandwich, pickles, a coke and place settings Middle Child/Facebook

Middle Child — Matt Cahn’s locally treasured breakfast and lunch spot that serves egg sandwiches the size of your head — is opening a bigger second location in Fishtown this summer. The forthcoming restaurant will be five times the size, with a dinner menu and a bar alongside its daytime diner classics like the Shopsin turkey club and vegan “Phoagie.”

Cahn told the Inquirer that he’d love for half the restaurant to be a Dunkin’ Donuts, which sounds about right, and this new location will have 100 seats. The luncheonette in Center City currently only has 16 seats, which have been unavailable to customers during the pandemic. The new place will be at 1232 North Front Street, a half block from Laser Wolf and down the street from Pizzeria Beddia. Cahn says folks should look forward to a pool table and a disco ball.

The second location will be called Middle Child Clubhouse. It opens sometime this summer.

Laser Wolf

1301 North Howard Street, , PA 19122 (267) 499-4660 Visit Website

Pizzeria Beddia

1313 North Lee Street, , PA 19125 (267) 928-2256 Visit Website

Middle Child

248 South 11th Street, , PA 19107 (267) 930-8344 Visit Website

Middle Child Clubhouse

1232 North Front Street, , PA 19122 (267) 858-4325 Visit Website