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A Running List of Recent Restaurant, Bar, and Cafe Openings to Know in Philly

From jollof rice to vegan ice cream, here is a frequently updated list of new places opening up all over town

jollof rice in a circle on a white plate
Suya Suya’s jollof rice with pork, corn, and tomato
Suya Suya/Facebook

As the restaurant industry ever-so-slowly rebuilds after the pandemic, it feels like a new restaurant opens every day in Philadelphia. There are too many to catch up on all at once, so this list compiles the many that have opened recently and the many others that are opening soon. Did we miss a spot? Drop a note at the tipline and we’ll look into it.

Open Now

Spring GardenLa Chinesca, a Mexican-Chinese restaurant that occupies a former Jiffy Lube, is run by the same team behind Kensington Quarters, Cafe Lift, and Prohibition Taproom. On offer: birria tacos with flour tortillas made with local stone-ground wheat flour; fried peppers, cilantro, and cashews; and smoked salt palomas. 1036 Spring Garden Street.

Washington Square West — Why settle for only tacos when you could also have ramen? At Taco & Ramen, the appropriately named new combination taco-ramen spot on South Street, you can truly have it all. Every day brings a new special — like vegan taco Wednesday and a combo bubble tea and ramen day on Thursday — for those of us who love a deal. 615 South Street.

a bowl of ramen with eggs and chopsticks Taco & Ramen

Kensington — By now you’ve probably heard about Eeva, the sourdough pizza place and natural wine shop that opened in the middle of the pandemic. While it’s been open for takeout since October, Eeva finally opened for indoor dining service this week. Expect neatly charred white pies with many cheeses, gem lettuces, and specialty square pies for takeout on Thursdays. Reservations are recommended. 310 Master Street.

Port Richmond — Speaking of Reanimator (part owners of Eeva), the well-known Philly coffee purveyor brought its location count to six with its new Port Richmond outpost, open this week for lattes, bags of beans, merch, and more. 3118 Richmond Street.

Oxford Circle — On Castor Avenue in the Northeast, Boom Buns serves steamed pork shumai and crispy scallion pancakes — perfect appetizer companions to beef noodle soups and pepper and pork fried rice. But the real highlights are the main course buns and dumplings, which come in over a dozen varieties and are perfect to take to-go. 6649 Castor Avenue.

Northern LibertiesSuya Suya West African Grill on Fairmount Avenue is a sure thing for flavorful, grilled dishes, all marinated in special Nigerian yaji peanut spice. Mains can be ordered by the bowl with jollof or uto rice and plantains, or in tacos. 400 Fairmount Ave,

Center City — After their restaurant Loveluck at the Love Park visitor center was delayed, restaurateurs Valerie Safran and Marcie Turney decided to pivot to a pop-up called the Lawn at Loveluck, where visitors can enjoy the outdoor space in full. The delightful spot offers a menu of casual eats from a nearby food truck, like burgers, taco nachos, and baba ghanoush. Arch and 15th Street.

Washington Square West — There are more than enough good BBQ places in Philly, but hey, couldn’t we always use more? Huff & Puff BBQ has the advantage of serving a very vegan-friendly menu, with smoked watermelon and — a middle school favorite — sidewinder fries. 246 S 11th Street.

a bbq platter with watermelon, brikset, fries, and wings Huff & Puff BBQ/Facebook

Norris Square — On American Street on the border of Kensington, Sor Ynez serves up sustainable Mexican cuisine with an emphasis on vegetarian and vegan dishes. Brought to you by the team behind Jet Wine Bar and Rex 1516, Sor Ynez also has a massive outdoor dining space. 1800 N American Street.

Fishtown — Ice cream never looked so picture-perfect. At Float Dreamery, the new vegan gelato shop in Fishtown, flavors like salted corn cookie and blueberry jam, and vibrant mango sorbet are available for takeaway from the side window at Castellino’s. Preorders can be made online. 1255 E Palmer Street.

a plastic container of pink ice cream piled high Float Dreamery

Center City Uptown Beer Garden has found its permanent home right across the street from Love Park. Expansive outdoor seating, cold beers, and classic Philly sandwiches are on offer, and the twinkle lights and greenery won’t disappoint either. 1500 JFK Boulevard.

Uptown Beer Garden
Eddy Marenco

Fairmount — While the Philadelphia Museum of Art is itself not new, for the next four months, it will be hosting a new chef-in-residence program in its signature cafe. During the first weekend of the month, from July to November, you can take in the world-class art and then go get a bite from Philly faves like Melissa Fernando of Sri’s Company or Tova du Plessis from Essen Bakery. More info can be found here. 2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.

the outside of the philadelphia art museum cafe with people waiting Philadelphia Museum of Art

University City — Lawrence Mach and Michael Tang’s Coney Shack in University City is the newest addition to the neighborhood, after Mach found success with his food truck and brick-and-mortars in New York. Think classic American and Mexican dishes like fish tacos and hot dogs, all served with a Southeast Asian twist, like pickled daikon carrots and Vietnamese caramelized pork. 3818 Chestnut Street.

Coney Shack
Eddy Marenco

Coming Soon

Fishtown — Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream has legions of devotees across the country, and though you could get a taste of Jeni’s by the pint in grocery stores most everywhere, there’s nothing like a cone when you want it. Luckily, Jeni’s is opening up in Fishtown and Rittenhouse later this year.

Midtown Village — Michael Schulson and chef Jeff Michaud are opening an unnamed Italian place late this summer or early fall that will serve Roman tonda wood-fired pizza and fresh pasta, with small plates and salads on the side. The restaurant will center around a white marble bar, where a majority of diners will be seated. Keep an eye on social media for updates.

Schulson Collective

Rittenhouse — Ruth Nakaar’s fast-casual West African pop-up Fudena, where getting jollof rice and curried goat was as easy as a click of a button (a fast click, though), is set for a full restaurant opening this fall. It may be a ways off but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye out. 104 South 21st Street.

a bowl of pan-seared chicken thighs, Sautéed greens w/ garlic + red bell peppers, and jollof rice Fudena/Facebook


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La Chinesca

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