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For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure, Enjoy Philly Band Froggy’s Tribute to 7-Eleven Nachos

The Doylestown three-piece asked 7-Eleven to sponsor them as a joke. They didn’t think they’d actually say yes.

a band of three women standing next to each other in black jackets and sunglasses Froggy

There’s a long, great American tradition of songs about food: Jimmy Buffet crooning to a cheeseburger in paradise, the Dead Kennedys reminding us that soup is good food. And now Philly-based three-piece Froggy has added another culinary hit to the canon with an enthusiastic punk tribute to 7-Eleven nachos.

The three teen musicians — Morgan, Fiona, and Brooke — met at School of Rock in the Philly suburb of Doylestown, and began writing their own riot grrrl music inspired by L7, Bikini Kill, and Bratmobile. In the summer of 2020, the band wrote and recorded “7-Eleven Nachos,” asking the convenience store to sponsor them “as a joke.” 7-Eleven (unsurprisingly) said yes — a spokesperson for 7-Eleven said the song “personifies our ‘Take it to Eleven’ campaign.’” It debuted the cheesy-in-a-good-way music video all over social media today.

Now someone write a song about a Wawa Sizzli. Have a nice weekend.