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South Philly Thai Restaurant Kalaya to Open a Second Outpost in Fishtown

Chef Nok Suntaranon’s second destination for southern Thai food will open in the summer of 2022

the front of kalaya thai kitchen restaurant with the word kalaya and candles on either side Kalaya/Facebook

Kalaya Thai Kitchen — the popular southern Thai restaurant in Bella Vista owned by chef Nok Suntaranon — will be getting a sister restaurant to the north next year, when Suntaranon opens her second outpost in Fishtown. The second Kalaya, known currently as Kalaya Fishtown, will open at 4 West Palmer Street.

The new restaurant is in partnership with Defined Hospitality, the same restaurant group that brought Suraya, Pizzeria Beddia, and R&D Cocktail Bar to the continually expanding Fishtown neighborhood. The new Kalaya will follow in the footsteps of Middle Child, the cult-favorite sandwich shop in Washington Square West that is set to open its own Fishtown location this fall. Kalaya the second will open sometime in the summer of 2022.

Since opening Kalaya to rave reviews and a fast following in 2019, Suntaranon’s business has steadily grown. In 2020, she expanded down the street to Kalaya Thai Market, a shop that sells prepared foods and Thai cooking ingredients, and over the past year-plus, Suntaranon has partnered with everyone from Kismet Bagels to Cake and Joe, bringing her culinary expertise to unexpected collaborations. With 160 seats, a full bar, and an outdoor patio, the new restaurant marks the next phase of growth for Suntaranon’s popular restaurant business, and we’re sure there will be more to come.


1911 East Passyunk , Philadelphia, PA 19148

Pizzeria Beddia

1313 North Lee Street, , PA 19125 (267) 928-2256 Visit Website

Middle Child

248 South 11th Street, , PA 19107 (267) 930-8344 Visit Website

R&D Cocktail Bar

1206 Frankford Avenue, , PA 19125 Visit Website


1528 Frankford Avenue, , PA 19125 (215) 302-1900 Visit Website

Kalaya Thai Kitchen

764 South 9th Street, , PA 19147 (215) 385-3777 Visit Website

Kalaya Thai Market

922 South 9th Street, , PA 19147

Cake and Joe

1401 East Moyamensing Avenue, , PA 19147 (215) 220-4599 Visit Website