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Hundreds of Thousands of Free Avocados Are Up for Grabs in FDR Park This Week

No-strings-attached avocados are coming from food surplus nonprofit Sharing Excess — make some guac for your local community fridge!

US Allows Imports Of Avocados From Jalisco State

Got a lot of people coming over for the upcoming Phillies and Eagles games? Want to add something to your local community fridge but are short on groceries at home? Or are you just interested in testing out that guacamole recipe you’ve been meaning to try? From this Wednesday, October 19 through Friday, October 21, nonprofit Sharing Excess will be distributing hundreds of thousands of free avocados — 230,400 avocados to be precise — in FDR Park to any Philadelphian who wants ‘em.

As we love nothing more than a catchy name here in Philly, the event is being called Avogeddon. (You could also go with Guactober, if that strikes you.) The reason for the free avocados? According to Sharing Excess, there is a massive surplus of avocados coming in from South America that would otherwise be going to waste.

The nonprofit has set aside 150,000 avocados for local food banks like Philabundance and Share Food Program to use, the program’s founder told the Inquirer. For everyone else, pickups are at 20th Street and Pattison Avenue in FDR Park from 12 p.m. to 6p.m., Wednesday through Friday. Check in with Sharing Excess’s social media to see if and when they run out.