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Pennsylvania — Minus Philly — Will Lift All COVID-19 Restrictions on Memorial Day

Bars, restaurants, and other businesses may open at 100 percent in the Commonwealth starting at midnight on May 31

a sign on a door that says restaurant entrance masks required and hours Photo by Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

On Tuesday, May 4, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced that the Commonwealth will lift all COVID-19 restrictions starting at midnight on May 31. Department of Health Acting Secretary Alison Beam said, “We continue to make significant progress in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19 and as more Pennsylvania adults get vaccinated and guidance from the CDC evolves, we can continue to move forward with our reopening efforts.”

The city of Philadelphia does not follow the same guidelines in mitigating the spread of the virus, which means bars and restaurants in Philly will be at 75 percent capacity or less from May 7 until further notice. But even with the Commonwealth at large opening back up, masking rules will remain in effect until 70 percent of Pennsylvanian adults are fully vaccinated, Wolf said. All adults must wear masks indoors and outdoors when leaving the house.

Currently, 50 percent of all Pennsylvanians have received their first dose of the vaccine. As case counts go down in the city, Philadelphia Health Commissioner Thomas Farley said that Philly will be keeping an eye on policy changes in Pennsylvania and will reassess their own regulations in due time. Whether that change is happening fast enough, though, has left at least some people unhappy: